• Rear Door Alert is coming to all Nissan four-door models

    Rear Door Alert is coming to all Nissan four-door models

    We’ve seen it on the news hundreds of times. An animal or child is left in a car accidently on a hot summer day because the adults were distracted. Thanks to Nissan’s new Four Door Alert coming to all Nissan sedans and SUVs soon, the chances of that happening are basically nil.

    "I'm proud to see Nissan lead the way by making Rear Door Alert standard on more models," said Marlene Mendoza, a mechanical engineer who helped create the technology. "What started as a chat with my colleague, Elsa Foley, is now innovative technology being adopted in more Nissan models. It is a testament to Nissan's culture."

    "The idea was inspired when I accidentally left a pan of lasagna in the back seat of my car overnight," added Mendoza, a mother of three, who was pregnant when the idea struck. "The worst thing was the car smelled for days, but it made me ask myself, 'What if I left something far more important back there?'"

    The system detects when a rear door was opened before a trip, and if it isn’t re-opened after.

    "If you open a rear door and put something in the rear seat, Rear Door Alert will help you remember when you get to your destination that you may have forgotten it," Mendoza said. "By drawing attention back to the vehicle while the driver is walking away, the honking alerts you to recheck the back seat in addition to visual or interior audible alerts."

    If you’d like to know more about Rear Door Alert, contact us today at Morrey Nissan of Burnaby!

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