• Nissan celebrates 50-year anniversary of the space landing

    Nissan celebrates 50-year anniversary of the space landing

    July 20 marked the 50th anniversary of the space mission, which allowed the United States to conquer the moon and Neil Armstrong to become the first human to walk on the face of our closest spatial friend. Nissan was keen to highlight the event by creating a list of auto technologies that we owe to the space mission and the NASA program as a whole. Indeed, the following technologies would not exist if it was not for our quest to conquer the moon.

    The first technology is the ProPILOT Safety Assist System, a group of driver assistance technologies offered in many Nissan vehicles that allows the vehicle to automatically brake to prevent an accident, stay in the center of the lane automatically and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead all the way to a complete stop.

    Other NASA technologies found in Nissan vehicles include Zero Gravity seats, which provide exemplary support by reducing pressure on the body's points of contact on the seat.

    LED lights, GPS navigation system, lithium-ion batteries, heat resistant brakes, studless winter tires, heat shields around the exhaust outlets and satellite radio are other technologies that trace their origins to the space program.

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