• Everything you need to know about Nissan’s Intelligent Safety Shield

    Everything you need to know about Nissan’s Intelligent Safety Shield

    Safety is an important consideration for any automaker, and Nissan has made great strides over the years to improve the active and passive safety features of its new vehicle lineup with Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield.

    The Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield is comprised of three distinct areas referred to as Monitor, Respond, and Protect.

    Before getting into each area, we should take a moment to explain the difference between active safety and passive safety. It’s actually quite simple as active safety refers to the features that are designed to prevent an accident from every occurring using audible and visual warnings, as well as intervening if the driver fails to react. Passive safety comes into play when an accident occurs and refers to the airbags and structural components that are designed to protect a vehicle’s occupant.

    Both active and passive safety features found in Nissan’s Intelligent Safety Shield

    There are numerous active safety features found in Nissan’s Intelligent Safety Shield. Here are just a few examples:

    Predictive Forward Collision Warning

    Will emit both an audible and visual warning to warn the driver if a vehicle suddenly stops or slows down in front.

    Forward Emergency Braking

    If the driver fails to react to the PFCW warning, Forward Emergency Braking will automatically apply the brakes in order to prevent an accident or at the very least reduce the consequences of the impact.

    Blind Spot Warning   

    Indicates to the driver that another vehicle is in his or her blind spot. This is particularly useful on the highway or in heavy traffic in the city.

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert is a system designed to help when backing up by warning the driver if a vehicle is approaching. This allows you to back out of your driveway or your parking spot in a crowded lot with confidence.

    Around View & RearView Monitor

    RearView Monitor is a backup camera showing you what is happening behind the vehicle while Around View Monitor displays a complete image of everything surrounding your vehicle. Both help with parking and navigating tight spots.

    Intelligent Cruise Control

    ICC will automatically maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead when cruise control is activated.

    Driver Attention Alert

    Driver Attention Alert detects signs that the driver may be getting tired, and will display a warning telling the person behind the wheel to stop and rest. Given that most accidents are caused by fatigue, this understated technology is one of the most important in Nissan’s Intelligent Safety Shield.

    Moving Object Detection

    MOD can detect moving objects around the vehicle and warn the driver of their presence.

    There is a host of other technologies found in Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield, and all are designed to keep you safe. Systems like Traction and Vehicle Dynamic Controls, ABS, Emergency Brake Force Distribution, Brake Assist, Park Sensors, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Nissan’s advanced air bag system, and the Japanese automakers unique SNUG Kids product which offers consumers all the information they need to find and install the right child seat are just a few examples.

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