• A lot happened for Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show

    A lot happened for Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Nissan took advantage of the Tokyo Motor Show that got underway last week by unveiling two electric vehicle concepts, one of which also has an autonomous driving system. Wit the Nissan Leaf NISMO and Nissan IMx concepts, Nissan proves that electrification is here to stay and while the first is a sportier version of a well-known Nissan EV, the second showcases all of the potential of future Nissan products.

    Nissan Leaf NISMO

    The Nissan Leaf NISMO is a sportier and more dynamic version of the new-generation Nissan Leaf EV that was unveiled in September. The NISMO version of the Leaf takes the traditional colors of Nissan's performance brand - black, white and red - as well as adding an aerodynamic package and transforming the cabin.

    Like the new Leaf, the NISMO edition also includes several driver assistance technologies such as the ProPilot safety system and ePEDAL technology.

    Nissan IMx

    The goal behind the Nissan IMx is to advance Nissan's smart mobility philosophy. The latter aims to create vehicles that reduce both polluting emissions and serious accidents on the road. The Nissan IMx fits perfectly on both sides of the equation thanks to its electric motor and its autonomous driving technology

    For starters, the Nissan IMx is a fully electric vehicle that, according to Nissan, is able to travel nearly 600 kilometers. Equipped with all-wheel drive, it offers 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque that are sent to all four wheels.

    The Nissan IMx is a sport utility vehicle that also offers all the cargo space we would like to have in this type of vehicle. Visually, it displays the brand's famous V-shaped grille and has a look that could serve as a design basis for future Nissan SUVs.

    But what makes the Nissan IMx so interesting is that it also has an autonomous driving system. Indeed, we only have to press a button and the steering wheel disappears in the dashboard and the IMx can then drive itself while the driver relaxes.

    Formula E

    In addition to these two new concepts, Nissan also announced plans to join the Formula E electric car racing series in 2018.

    In short, a lot of things are happening at Nissan when it comes to electrification. To learn more about Nissan's new line of vehicles, contact us today at Morrey Nissan of Burnaby!

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